Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions I get asked from people when they are looking at the business opportunity. If your question isn’t fully answered here or you have another question email me at  and I will arrange a one to one conference call with you to go through your questions.
I can’t afford the start-up cost

Some people that I speak to struggle to find the initial start-up cost required to become a Kleeneze Distributor. I understand that budgets are extremely tight and the cost of living has sky-rocketed recently.

I realise that we all have to think carefully about every penny we spend in times like these but I would ask you to think about how you might raise the money required to become a Kleeneze Distributor. I would ask you to look at this small investment in your future, not as a luxury that you can afford to live without, but as a necessity for you to afford the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

You will be able to start earning money straight away after sign up by selling products to your friends and family. Also people are achieving good sales selling through facebook etc, that is all internet based and the goods get delivered direct. The web only sign up option is the best way to get started for very little money and once you have established a customer base you can start to expand your business through targeted email campaigns etc.

If you can find the start-up cost, I will provide you with free training and support every step of the way. There is even a dedicated training website that takes you step by step how to sell on facebook from day one.

Kleeneze doesn’t work

Some people claim that Kleeneze doesn’t work because they know someone that tried it before and didn’t make any money. It’s true, not everyone makes money with Kleeneze:

  • Those that don’t work hard, don’t succeed
  • Those that don’t follow the training, don’t succeed.
  • Those that don’t stay the course, don’t succeed.

But couldn’t we say the same for almost any endeavour? How many people do you know that have joined a gym and not lost weight? The same applies – people that go to the gym but don’t work hard, don’t follow the training and don’t stay the course, don’t succeed in their goal of losing weight.

Everyone knows the gym works because there are so many examples of people that have succeeded at it. Kleeneze is very similar – let me show you those that have succeeded and you can make your own decision.

It’s unfair to say that Kleeneze doesn’t work, it’s more accurate to say that some people don’t work.

Kleeneze is a scam

Some people claim that Kleeneze is a scam because there is a small startup cost and no guarantee of making money. It’s true, it does cost money to start your own Kleeneze business and we cannot guarantee that you will make money.

The same could be said for any business. Every business in history required some form of investment at the start. With Kleeneze you don’t need to invest in:

  • Staff
  • Stock
  • Premises
  • Marketing

There’s no guarantee that you will make money from your Kleeneze business but history has shown that those that work hard, follow the training and stay the course always make money from this business. There are hundreds of new starters every week and there is help and support every step of the way.

I know all about Kleeneze

Do you really know about Kleeneze?
• Did you know that it’s a founder member of the Direct Selling Association and has been trading for over 90 years?
• Did you know that Kleeneze recently announced it is taking hundreds of its Distributors to Montego Bay?
• Did you know that the start-up cost has been reduced significantly over the last couple of years?
• Did you know that Kleeneze have recently run incentives to provide free advertising to their Distributors?
• Did you know that you can sell products without even delivering a catalogue? It is now possible through the online Kleeneze shop.
Like any business that has been around for almost 100 years, this business has changed a huge amount and I urge you to look again. I would be pleased to explain how else Kleeneze might have changed since your last experience.

When was your last experience of the business?

I don’t want to sell products

Great news, there is no selling involved with Kleeneze. The fantastic Kleeneze catalogue and your personal Online Kleeneze Shop does it all for you.

All you need to do is present the catalogue or leave it at households in your local area, then come back a couple of days later to collect the catalogue including the order. There is no door-to-door sales or hard sell involved.

We have collected all the tips and secrets from thousands of successful Kleeneze Distributors all over the UK. If you decided to get started you would be provided with free training and support every step of the way.

How much can I realistically expect to earn with Kleeneze?

The more you do the more you will earn. When starting the business part-time you will earn about £450 per month straight away when distributing 200 catalogues twice weekly. Thereafter profits of £500 per month are commonplace; £1,000 per month frequent; £2,000 per month attainable by anybody and £5,000+ per month if you’re really committed.

Why has Kleeneze succeeded where so many other companies have failed?

Kleeneze move everyday products to the public at very affordable prices. For you as a distributor there are no ‘up front’ purchase requirements and no product selling because the catalogues do that for you. In Kleeneze it isn’t just a ‘few at the top’ who make all the money, profits are spread throughout the company allowing new joiners to make a profit with their first four weeks.

I don’t drive, is that a problem?

Transport is an advantage, but many Kleeneze distributors operate without a car. You can deliver and collect catalogues on foot in your local area using a trolley (catapuller) or the shoulder bag provided.

I have a Kleeneze catalogue delivered to my door already, will there be room for me?

Of course! There are no territories in the Kleeneze business, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Even if another distributor operates in your area they will have their own loyal customer base and therefore will not be delivering to every door. We suggest you start as close to your home as possible to build a customer base of your own then expand over time. Providing great customer service will allow your customer base to grow rapidly.

How much time will I need?

How much time do you have?

Lots of our distributors are now earning in excess of £1,000 per month and they’re only spending 10 to 12 hours on their business each week. You decide how many hours you want to use each week. Realistically, to earn £500+ per month you will need about 12-15 hours a week at first. As your business grows you will earn more money without needing any more time.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No. Pyramid schemes were made illegal in this country a long time ago and rightly so. Kleeneze is a founder member of the Direct Selling Association so that alone will tell you that we are a legitimate and ethical business. You can tell we are not a pyramid scheme because all of our products are bought at the same price, no matter who buys them.

Will the business work for me?

Do you consider yourself to have a good work ethic? If you do then you will find our coaching and support second to none. All you need to do is do some work! A lot will depend on you but we will help you as much as we can.

Do I have to distribute catalogues?

No, the catalogues are just one quick and easy way to generate business. Retail business can also be generated via your own on-line webshop that will be provided for you. Other’s may prefer Personal/commercial marketing which can also be very effective. Whilst we need to move products to the market as a whole, many distributors prefer to concentrate more on the team building aspect of the business.

How can I be sure that having built my business, Kleeneze will keep going?

Kleeneze have been in business since 1923 and were the first networking company in Europe (1970). We have a proud tradition, are financially sound and we care for customers and agents alike. A proven track record of over 90 years suggests a stability that very few other companies can boast. We are not supplying a short term “fad” product or service but providing products that are in demand every day. The future has never looked brighter.

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